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          Corporate Culture

          core values

          Corporate Culture

          Core values: Solidarity  Honesty  Persistence  Innovation

          Solidarity: Cooperate with each other, complement each other's advantages, and create a team with passion, efficiency, common goals, and courage to challenge.

          Honesty: Frank and forthright, loyal to the enterprise; Honest and keeping promises.

          Persistence: Unswerving and courageous; Never give up and achieve anyway.

          Innovation: Constantly improve, challenge and surpass yourself; Improve the new system, develop new achievements and expand new fields.

          core values

          corporate vision

          Combine like-minded people to create an elite team with combat effectiveness, through vertical integration of industrial chain and continuous improvement of high precision automation manufacturing level, we have become the world`s leading intelligent audio product overall solution provider!

          • Company Mission
            Continuous innovation and enhancing customer value!
          • COMPANY SLOGAN
            Forging ahead in unity and creating resplendence together!
            More excellent, faster, better to exceeding customer requirements.
            Promoting the environmental industry, saving energy resources, and encouraging all staff to join in; controlling and preventing pollution, complying with laws and regulations, and promoting continuous improvements.
          • Quality IDEAL
            Put prevention first, do the things right in the first time and carry out work layer upon layer. Keep continuous improvements, to exceed customers’ expectations.
          • QUALITY POLICY
            Devote to customers’ satisfaction, tries for acme of perfection.
          • Talent Evaluative Dimension

            Morality (Loyalty, Unity, Peace of mind)

            Attitude (Obedience, Initiative, Dedication, Responsibility)

            Capable (Efficiency, Profession, Innovation, Communication)

            Performance( Goal, Project, Mission)