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    AI bone conduction call noise reduction

    Immersing yourself in music in more "quiet" situation

    Noise reduction depth more than 38dB
    AI bone conduction noise reduction technology can efficiently fuse and optimize the bone vibration signal and microphone signal, and isolate the noise up to 38dB.
    Instantly switch to a quiet space in the noise, immerse yourself in listening and make you feel more quiet.

    Intelligent sound segmentation

    You can only hear me talking
    Audio acceleration sensing technology is adopted to transmit the wearer's voice signal through bone vibration,

    combined with AI human voice extraction to intelligently identify the speaking state and isolate the surrounding human voice and environmental noise.

    The caller can only hear your voice and can't know your environment.

    Waterproof level IP54

    Never slacken your exercise, nor fear the light rain
    There is no need to worry about the damage caused by sweating and wet water. IP5 waterproof supports the headset and make it safe to use.

    The music is endless

    Fast charge, long battery life.
    After a 15-minute charge, you can listen to music for two hours. When drinking a cup of coffee or putting on makeup, the music will continue
    Single ear with full power can support to listen to music for 4H. The whole 24-hour battery life and wonderful continuous electricity make you enjoy the long music listening time.
    Feature description

    BT Chip:BES 2300ZP

    BT Version:V5.0

    BT support mode:A2DP/AVRCP/HSP/HFP/BLE

    BT Distance:≥10m

    Calling time:≥2h

    Playing time:≥4h

    Charging time:≤2h(support wireless charging)

    Battery capacity:30/500mAh

    Mic sensitivity:-38dB±1dB

    Driver OD:13mm

    Driver sensitivity:117±3dB

    Driver impedance:28Ω±15%

    Waterproof level:IPX4