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          Training and Development

          Training System

          Talent is the foundation of an enterprise, and training is one of the three magic weapons for Yingtong's success. The company has established a corporate training system with Yingtong's characteristics. In order to increase the intensity of talent training and enhance the professionalism and pertinence of training, Yingtong has invested more than 40 million yuan in various trainings, and built a high-standard Yingtong management training center in the beautiful Tongcheng Xishan.

          "Leading enterprise development with outstanding talents, leading enterprise development with scientific and technological innovation, and leading enterprise development with enterprise culture" is the basic development strategy of Yingtong. We will, as always, pay close attention to employee training and personnel training, and continuously improve the ideological literacy, management level and work skills of all employees, so as to provide sufficient talent guarantee for the rapid and healthy development of the enterprise.

          • New employee orientation

            New employee orientation

          • Pre-job skills training

            Pre-job skills training

          • Professional knowledge training

            Professional knowledge training

          • Management cadre training

            Management cadre training

          • Hubei Management Training Center

          Career Development Channel